Thank you for the year that has been.

Thank you for the sunshine, even when I didn’t need it or when I despise having it around. Thank you for old buildings, churches or structures for I am always fascinated of how they survived the years and preserve the beauty that they hold. Thank you for buttered chicken. Thank you that my classes start late. Thank you for pasta. Thank you for Papemelroti. Thank you for Kara David. Thank you for my teachers, old and new. Thank you for sleep. Thank you for book shops. Thank you for believers. Thank you for cynics. Thank you for love. Thank you for hate. Thank you for libraries. Thank you for brown-colored pages in notebooks. Thank you for blank pages in notebooks. Thank you for pens- the colored and black ones. Thank you for writing.

Thank you for the thrill I get when I’m running late for school from home. And thank you for the San Joaquin drivers who seem as if they’re part of the cast of Fast and Furious (P.S. May you rest in peace, Paul Walker.) and actually managed to bring me to class on time. Thank you for the not so Fast and Furious-loving drivers who made me late for class but yet, managed  to make me embrace the time I spend on the jeepney by appreciating the little details I see along the way.

Thank you for college which gave me a chance to be far from home. ‘Cause at times, I just need to be away, to let go of  the comfort and to just simply, learn to live on my own.

Thank you for all the crazy things I did with my friends at school. Which apparently, I can only do with my friends and also, only at school.

Thank you though despite how crazy these things were, I still believe that they were the moments I felt genuine happiness next to the moments when me and my siblings are complete.

Thank you for my siblings, for everything they’ve done, they haven’t done and for at times, doing nothing at all.

Thank you for my parents for annoying me. At times I think they’re really upsetting. Thank you for them that I developed patience and utmost understanding.

Thank you for books and the pleasure I get from smelling it’s pages. For with every page that I breathe, I also inhale the comfort, the assurance, and peace that there still exists a different world. Though this escape of mine isn’t healthy the whole time, I cannot hold back my want to be away because… just because…

Thank you for imagination. Thank you for creativity. Thank you for free flowing ideas.

Thank you for the distance that separates the school building and the school dormitory. Thank you for the depression that I get from my academic load that I decide to spend time to walk along that distance to let go of whatever is holding me back to capture happiness again. Thank you that such the distance that separates the two destinations also create my distance for whatever I feel inside of me.

Thank you for stargazing. Thank you for the stars, of course! Thank you for  always giving me the wonder of how it feels like to be up there and to look at the people and just be breathless of such beauty they are come night time… or if they ever do that at all.

Thank you for the trees at the football field, especially our favorite tree. Thank you that it has  sheltered me and my friends during noon time and that despite the terrible heat of the noon time sun, it has given us warmth- the kind of warmth you feel when you are somewhere familiar, somewhere you are really fond of.

Thank you for the music, for all the obvious reasons why I am thankful for it… thank you.

Thank you for my beliefs and principles. Thank you that I have the chance to voice them out. And thank you even more that there are also people who share the same thoughts with me. Thank you that they are also aware and concern of the helpless, the poor and the marginalized. Thank you that we keep on fighting for them for the greater good of everyone. Everyone.

Thank you for my realization that above all, I should be thinking of serving the people and my country. And it is not for the purpose of showing off or foreplay, but it is for living for others and helping the most that I can… because that I can and there are a lot of others who are willing to do the same.

Thank you for my friends.

Thank you for Ilayawod. Thank you that they know who I am and accept me for me. Thank you that I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not when I’m with them. Thank you that I have spent a few years of my youth with them and I suppose, I will be spending the many years left in my existence with them occupying a very definite space in my heart.

Thank you for my college friends, too. Though I didn’t open up my thoughts to them as often as I do with my high school friends, they never failed to open up their thoughts to me. Thank you that they are very welcoming, fun to be with and I know that deep inside of me, I have given out more than a few genuine laughter when I am with them.

Thank you for my college roommates, who have also shared not only their sleepless nights with me but also their loved stories. Thank you for giving me extended sisters by heart.

Thank you for my angels. Thank you for my angels. Thank you for my angels.

Thank you for the people whom I randomly smile at when we passed by each other and still think hard if it is not that awkward to talk to each other personally once we already have greeted each other on birthdays or occasions on Facebook.

Thank you for the friends I lost. I don’t know, maybe because at least they were smart enough to leave me ’cause I am definitely an impossible person to deal with sometimes or at least I am smart enough to let them go ’cause I realized that I couldn’t stand their drama anymore.

Thank you for the failures. Thank you for the second chances. Thank you for not giving second chances sometimes, too. Thank you for the  wisdom. Thank you for drama. Thank you for the places that I’ve been. Thank you for the courage. Thank you for honesty. Thank you for keeping the Filipino people strong. Thank you for balance. Thank you for emotions.

Thank you for feelings… not necessarily the happy feelings nor the sad feelings… but for the fact that with feelings, I learned that I am actually capable of… feeling.

Thank you for the whirlwind that was 2013.

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