An Open Letter To Janet Napoles


I watched your hearing at TV 5 and I suppose that the only thing that I find amusing about this hearing is seeing you in that police vest with the word  “PULIS” printed so big in front. You look so badass in that vest.

I have been updating myself about your scam every so often because aside from being a media student (which makes knowing all the social happenings in the country an obligation for me), I am utterly disgusted with what you are have done with the people’s money. Yes. How plainly reactionary of me to blurt it out just like that, right? I may not be one who can be tagged as knowledgeable about all the laws or any of the political arrangements behind your case, yet, I am one who understands that what you did is wrong.

How are you right now?

Since undeniably, the whole nation is mad at you, I hope that in one way or another, you are aware of what you’ve done and why such hate is given to you right now. Could you imagine all the things that could have been done with the billions of pesos you’ve stolen from the people’s money? Are you aware of the condition of some of our countrymen who are struggling for their  everyday survival? Has the thought of the poor condition of the educational facilities occurred in your mind?

All of those things could have been improved if the money that you have taken away was reconsidered to be put into the basic needs and more visible problems that the country is facing right now. Greed must have hit you big time that you did not even think twice before committing your crime. I know I am very good in exaggerating things but I cannot help but think that you have somehow murdered a nation. I feel terribly sad of how poor our country is right now. I bet you haven’t reached the remote areas where everything there seems to be a mess. But the people, they are trying… every single day, they are trying to find means to look for greener pastures for themselves and for their families. They lack the medical facilities there to treat whatever illnesses that hit or will hit them. And as each day passes by, the only thing that perhaps moves them to go on is their own hope that their will come a time that everything will indeed be alright.

You are also aware of the many out of school youths, right? I suppose that you have also heard news that there are some students out there who have put an end to their existence because they are financially incapable to support their education. How I wish free education could be offered in just a blink of  an eye. But it’s just not that easy. We students have been voicing out our heartfelt sentiments so that the people in position could support us as we go on grasping for more knowledge. Yet and yet, we are often left with false hopes, disbelief and even continuous budget cuts in our sectors. That money you’ve taken away could have been given for more educational facilities, you know. Because education is a right. The youth should be at school learning and they should learn a lot and know how to stand on their own because sooner or later, they’ll be the ones who’ll be taking over the places of those who are in position right now. And I believe so that there should be a pressure building in the minds of the youth to make this country a better place for everyone today and for tomorrow. But guess what, a large population of the  youth have had their lives already shattered with the rise of teenage, unwanted pregnancy and of course, poverty. When they should have been at school, there they are now, raising their own families.

And also, think about the Filipinos who are hit by calamities. When their homes were destroyed, they have asked for support from the government. Sadly, what the government offered wasn’t entirely enough for them to recover at all. And the evacuation centers are not that equipped with all their needs.

The whole while, everyone might have been thinking that the country is just so poor to even generate enough funds for every sector that is in need. Yes, we are poor but you, you have taken over billions of pesos that could have been allotted for those basic needs. If ever you didn’t take that much money, we could have at least, spared the drama off our shoulders and have given much more to those who are in need of the money.

I do not understand you nor why you did this to the people. There are a lot of things I do not understand with the legal processes of what’s happening in your case right now. All I know is that I am one Filipino who is devotedly in love with the nation and its people. I have been depressed by the many other things that have happened to the country (some of them I’ve mentioned above). Yet, this heartbreak that you are giving me and the people leaves us with nothing more but hate in our hearts for you. You have mentioned in the hearing earlier that you are not the greatest mastermind behind this scam. If ever that is the truth, I hope that you would tell the authorities who he or she is so that he or she would be right there in your place and you would just live in peace. And so on, that I may address this letter to him or her instead and that I would extend my sincerest apologies to you also.

Yet and yet, since we are still left with you as the greatest mastermind still, I just want to say that… I really despise you.



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