Romantic Movies I Wish Were the Story of My Love Life Instead

10. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist 

I cannot deny the fact that I am definitely in love with indie music. All the more, I love hanging out. If I haven’t lived in a household with a curfew set at 11PM, I would really just stay out late and just go to a random indie rock gig and do all the adventures that might come along. At the crazy part of my mind, I have always imagined to approach some guy and be like, “Hey, can you be my boyfriend for some five minutes?” And we would never wash our pants because we want to keep the memories of the night in it. But nah, I’m too awkward to pull it off.  



9. The Exploding Girl

I have a lot of childhood friends but sadly, I haven’t kept the communication strong while growing up. I just find this movie beautiful in a sense that the magic of a lasting friendship continues to linger… and that in at least one time, these two people would fall in love with each other, it may just be temporary, it may be at the ultimately wrong moment or it may be forever. This film is just so unassuming and maybe, I just want some love story like that, too- simple, lasting and maybe something that can last forever.


8. Across the Universe 

I’m not sure if I really want this to be my love story or if I just want to sing along with my lover to the hits of The Beatles. Well, that got me thinking. Tahahaha. Or is it, that I just want my love story to be patterned from the songs of the band. It also shows people getting strength and inspiration from each other… and also, getting high altogether. Perhaps I find this really nice ’cause somewhat, somehow, I wanna live that hippie kind of lifestyle. Yet and yet, all you need is love.



7. Midnight in Paris

Here is another film that got me thinking if I indeed want this to happen in my love life. I find the nostalgia of this film very heartwarming. Paris in the 1920’s  perhaps is the height of literary and artistic progress and I just wanna be part of that time. Perhaps sit down with Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Fitzgerald at some coffee shop and just discuss about ideas, or maybe have myself painted by Picasso. Just too beautiful and too good to be true. Maybe the part where I will leave my lover and push through with my love for the arts is the perfect part that I want to include in my love story. And I would meet a guy from some cheap vintage thrill shop and we would walk in the streets of Paris at night… while raining. 



6. The Butterfly Effect 

Now this is the perfect semi-science fiction love story that I want. I would  definitely want to have casual blackouts and “teleport” or time travel to the parts of my past where I want to alter for my future. I think this thinking is brought about by my want to check out the different possibilities that could happen in the different moments of my life. I think I also want to know the other details of why people around me are the way they are. And I tell you, having the casual blackouts is one helpful solution for me to achieve that in my fictional love life. 



5. Amelie 

Because at some point in my life, I think that I am like Amelie. I kid, I kid. Not exactly. But I find that I am such a free loving soul, I think that the imagination that I have in my mind sometimes is the only thing that keeps me going with all the demands that I have to cope up with. And maybe, there will come a day in my life where I would find some small treasure and I will devote myself to keeping the people around me happy. Yet and yet, there will come a time also that I would  be wanting to find someone for myself. And I would get to find that someone indeed. And we would live together enjoying the simple pleasures and crazy adventures of life while continuing our pledge to serve the other people still. Now that’s a love story! 



4. Keith 

I could either be the lead character, Keith or the girlfriend, Natalie. I could be like Keith and meet an academically-focused guy and ruin his academic standing by teaching him to hang out and do some weird stuff with me like having picnics inside buildings, leaving bowling balls on the doorsteps of our professors  or staying at the other side of the scene and just watch how the other people act on parties and we would make fun of them. Aaaand, I would just die in the end because of cancer. Or I could be like Natalie, a very studious girl who ruins her life just to hang out with Keith. She’s left alone in the end and I would do some suicide attempts like drop myself and my car at a cliff but still manages to pull it back before it’s too late. And I would just spend the rest of my life still loving the Keith that I had.


3. Eagle VS. Shark

The best thing about this movie is that they play a lot of video games together. Also, the part where they dress up as a eagle and obviously, as a shark on one party. I guess I wanna have some sort of the quirky love story where the girl is so enthusiastic even with just the thought of the guy while the guy, on the other hand, isn’t easily amused with the things happening in his life. Yet in the end, he will just have some change of heart and express what he feels to the girl. Cliche, I know. Well okay, let’s have that story added with some fun background music, sunsets, flowers, more video games and some horses.


2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In this film, they say that blessed are the forgetful. This is rather a dramatic kind of love story where the people involved prefer to have their memories with their lovers erased once they’ve broken up. I just find the process of forgetting and the depression that comes along with it somehow beautiful. But in the end, in this movie, despite all the forgetting and letting go happening, there will always come a time where you would find yourself coming back to that person. 



And the last but definitely not the least, 

1. 500 Days of Summer

With a heart as fickle as I have, I have considered myself to be some kind of Summer Finn after I watched the movie. I just come and go every time there happens to be some steady thing happening. It’s not because I fear commitment but I just can’t seem to put  all my efforts into something I am not that certain enough. I would just love this movie to be part of my love story because it simply is  a movie about enjoying moments while they last and also, accepting the fact that people change and emotions fade. I would just want to go to art galleries, too, check out stuff at the home store, watch movies and appreciate the beauty of buildings in the city. But when one morning comes and I would  realize something that I am not sure of anymore, I just might as well let it go. Yet in one way or another, I can assure that there was a part where I was certain that I meant it when I said, “I love us.”


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