I chanced to check out our old family albums this morning to look for pictures of my sister for her wedding’s AVP. I took the pleasure of checking out old photos of our family during our younger years while doing the task also. I may not be a fan of #ThrowbackThursdays or #ThrowbackAnyDay on Facebook, yet I find old photos very heartwarming.

I suppose that the advancement of technology nowadays with social media gave people the benefit of saving money for developing photos by posting them online instead. Along with the people’s lost of enthusiasm of really “capturing” and “reliving” moments is the degrade of the reasons behind taking pictures. In the old days (not really old days, back in the times when Kodak was still mainstream), photos were still stored using photo film- which was expensive then. It  was like every captured photo counts back then. So people had spent every photo film carefully capturing only the things that mattered to them.

For the rich people then, they could have taken photos of their belongings or maybe some artistic shots of scenery which we may consider today as some hipster shots or something. I kid, I kid. Hahaha. But really, if you would observe some of their pictures, such shots may be there indeed. Practically because they are rich enough to but more photo film and spend it on random shots that mattered still to them.

The middle class or poor however, took the chance of having photo opportunities during occasions like birthdays, graduations, baptismal or simply, photos of themselves among others. If they don’t capture moments during such occasions, they would consider having photos of their family members instead. Or in some cases where they would get to take pictures of things that they have established or worked hard for. These types of photos still belong to the larger group of things that matter to them.

These observations are just merely observations though. Some people may take photos of different stuff disregarding their social status or financial capabilities.

In today’s generation however, with the integration of memory cards for cameras, one can take pictures more since the soft copies of the pictures can be transferred directly to the computer or another external device. What the generation now offers are still the same photos of family members on special occasions, photos of themselves (which have been known more popularly as “selfies”) and some other hipster shots of scenic landscapes.

Perhaps the photos taken nowadays that really bother my mind are these photos of food, stuff, gadgets or plainly, petty things. For some  reason, I find it very pointless if someone is posting something brought by heavy urges of consumerism. To me, it seems like they are simply showing off of what they already have and subconsciously make other people feel bad if they cannot afford to have such possessions. This can somehow be traced back to social media also. Social media is an amazing option for broadcasting information and even selfish bourgeois lifestyle to a wide audience. So on, these people who keep on posting things that  are not at all relevant for society’s progress, promote nothing but a division of the classes between those who can afford, post online, talk about them and those who cannot.

Seriously though, do you find a picture of a milktea worth the post? What are you even trying to prove there? Capturing moments before have now transformed into capturing milkteas, sandwiches or cupcakes. Subconsciously, the “moments” that we are wanting nowadays are nothing but material fantasies.

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