I believe that my college life is more interesting right now because I’m in a totally new environment. It is only here in college where I get to be away from home during weekdays and I can basically do what I want without asking for approval from my guardians. Well, my brother’s a senior at school and he is technically my guardian there but he’s pretty cool with me getting wasted once in  a while. This whole sense of freedom that I am embracing right now is very overwhelming.  I have maximized every little opportunity to explore more about this new environment that I have and in a span of almost two years, it seems as if I’ve fallen in love with this place, the people and the little bits of details that come along with it. I have come to live simply and admire more  of what is just presented in front of me- no filters, no drama and purely unassuming. 


This place there has a lot of trees, trees and even more trees. The trees seem to make the place more relaxed and gives the feels for one to get some philosophical thinking going.


But I suppose that the trees there have been made for  a better reason- to provide good spots for sunset watching during late afternoons.


Another thing special about this place is that we get to share our football field with the goats, carabaos and chickens living nearby. This unbounded football field also serves as a comfort for the people who lie down there during night time for a dose of  stargazing. As they lie down and feel nothing but be astonished of how beautiful the stars are, at the back of their minds, some must have been thinking  if the stars up there consider them to be beautiful, too. 


And there is  also this beach which is way more unbounded than the football field. Looking at the  sea is as poetic as stargazing during night time. Image

It even becomes more poetic when sunset happens. Image

I love the people in this place, too. They live such simple lives. They have perhaps found all the pleasures in watching sunsets and stargazing. He he he. But really though, the people there for me are really sincere.


They would usually spend their afternoons hanging out at the shoreline since it’s cooler there.



And there is this kid from my friend’s apartment who was so fond of the camera  that I was using then. I cannot help but take snapshots of him since he was so bubbly. I’m not so fond of taking care or hanging out with kids but I am a fan of happy faces and genuine smiles. 

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