This Ruined Puzzle

It’s already one big thing for Filipinos to be madly in love with watching television. It’s another big  thing for them to love reality television shows. The way Filipinos are so engrossed with reality TV shows give us the impression that they love “real life” itself. However, with the way these TV shows  project themselves to the public, what is it that makes these things “real” anyway?

I have to admit that there is  a time in my life where I, too have been engrossed with watching these kinds of TV shows. Back in my high school, one of the most popular TV  shows then was Pinoy Big Brother. It was the type of show where there are normal people set to live altogether in one house and what they do inside the house is being aired to national and even international television. In this show, there is one edition that I have liked so much- PBB Teens Edition. I must say, back then, watching it seems to be  really fun. The case in point in here that brought about my closer attachment to that edition is the fact that I can actually relate to what those people on TV are feeling. They were teenagers that were also around my age bracket so I suppose that there is mutual connection on the way we see things that affect our behavior.

Growing up, there has been a part of me that slowly eradicated the like I used to have for the TV program. I suppose that I am able to figure out things more critically now than I ever had years before.  I think that it isn’t that real at all. Or rather, it hasn’t been real at all. How would the people in there give out their true selves when they know that they are being shown to the public? Maybe they may be really at their true selves however, there will always be a front that they will use to cover the real things that they have in mind.

According to the study, “Reality Television as a Model for Online Behavior: Blogging, Photo, and Video Sharing”, reality television is interconnected with video sharing and blogging. With this, it can be extended unconsciously to the mental perceptions of people.

With blogging, we have often practiced to open up our thoughts to the public and even disclose a few personal things. Reality television is  connected here in a way that it, too, discloses the things personal to the people who join it.

With video sharing, people who post videos of themselves temporarily feel the stardom when they get to have positive feedback and a couple of “likes” on their videos. This is also related to reality TV since you are showcasing yourself  to the public. So what is it that you really are showing? What you have or plainly, yourself, seeking for attention?

And also, the more that we see the little things people do in these reality TV shows, we get to develop the understanding or the thinking that whatever they are doing is acceptable or is  okay to be freely shown to everyone. When we know for a fact that this is not how it should be. There are a lot of factors to consider in being totally expressive in what we feel- there is society, religion, morals and even other people’s  perceptions.

These reality TV shows are undeniably guilty pleasures to some people yet we should be aware that for one, media can be ultimate liars, too. The distinction between the truth and a lie to them may not be that noticeable. We should be smart enough to know actually what is real and what is just a dream.

9 thoughts on “This Ruined Puzzle

  1. i guess Filipinos or any other person for that matter, get easily attached to reality tv shows and social media because it gives them the comfort of knowing that what they do and feel in real life is normal because they get to see others doing the same things or feeling the same things.

  2. sometimes what the reality shows bring us are not actually the things happening in reality…some are idealism and merely portrayal of a character…these serves as illusion for us viewers yet we expect them to show the truth,..and eventually, there are changes happening inside us which are merely reflections of what we see in these shows….this is i guess a serious issue..the change in the viewers’ personality, especially those that are not able to filter the “real” in these shows…they are influenced, and sad to say that these characters in the shows that they watch may become the viewers themselves

  3. Yes. The thing with reality TV shows is that they put real people in unreal circumstances, thus bringing out half-cooked truths in the presentation of those people on-screen. And since the influence of these shows now spill to the online media, like what you said, it’s true that some (if not most) of the online users who are affected by this popular culture show only the facades of themselves. Worse is if it is not for privacy sake, for they disclose personal information about themselves online, but for “pagpapakitang-tao.”

  4. People are always interested with the whereabouts of other people. Reality TV topnotches statistics because it has become a venue for judgment, as well as self reflection, allowing ourselves to adjust to the standards these people in TV set for us. It is also a sort of an affirmation to the acceptability of our actions in public, whether incorrect or not. This shouldn’t be the case, of course. Be yourself, as the cliche goes.

  5. I agree, People nowadays, seem to think as though what they see and what they hear from other people is acceptable to them disregarding their morals and virtues. It seems as though social media controls the public’s way of thinking therefore affecting their way of living. As of today, we can not deny the influence technology has on us. Have you ever seen someone as young as an elementary student without his/her smart phones? I guess not. Let’s get back to the point. The point is that as far as television goes, we are entranced with the media’s way of thinking and that we are living halfheartedly from the truth. The truth is we are free to do as we please and that each individual has his/her own morals and virtues. There’s no one else to be but your very self.

  6. Reality TV shows are meant to portray ordinary life of ordinary people. It’s a gateway for ordinary people to enter the world of the “untouchables” (the rich and the famous). And it is also because of this that the norms love to watch this shows because they have this thinking that ordinary people can also be famous and can also follow their dreams. I for one loves watching Reality TV Shows especially the ones in Star World like Beauty and the Geek, Top Chef, The Apartments, ANTM and Master Chef because they entertain me and at the same time they inspire me to do better so that someday I can also show the world of my skills. I also know for a fact that this shows have some kind of Media interventions to spice up the shows. Media’s goal is to have more viewers and for them adding a little spice into the show would give people more interest in watching the show. The shows have more viewers but the people watching it don’t realize that some truths are covered up or exaggerated. One thing is for sure, don’t absorb everything media tells you. 🙂

  7. I agree. Not all that are shown in TV is true. Some are just used to fool people either to buy the product that they’re selling, watch their show to get high ratings or even twist the reality. We should be wise in deciding what should we be accepting among the information (and lies) that are presented to us. 🙂

  8. The biggest part of the human brain is dedicated to vision. Humans are genetically programmed to sense and be attracted to movement. One other thing attracts us is reach other’s lives since we’re social animals. Combine the urge for voyeurism and moving objects in a box, and you have a reality show.

    Blogging on the other hand, stems from either a school requirement or the need to share information to others in the global village. This is an act of altruism that, much like a meerkat standing at the entrance of its den, seeks to inform others in the community of whatever is relevant. Unlike the meerkat though, humans don’t skip meals when blogging, unless it’s crunch time already.

    In a way, reality shows play on the very human urge to spy on our neighbor, while blogging is also a social urge to tell stories and inform.

    This article brings to light some of the things that make us human and blends them together into one harmonious piece.

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