Little Bombs

Welcome to the 21st century where every individual seems to value the internet as one of his basic needs for survival. The advent of this new form of communication has brought about many advantages for mankind. The World Wide Web’s scope is not limited only to connecting people. It reaches even to the ends of entertainment, information dissemination, social awareness, opinion gathering and many more. We cannot deny the fact that this technology is really advantageous in today’s society in bridging some gaps between people.

In line with the internet’s ability to voice out people’s opinions is the creation of blogs. The term “blog” is short for “weblog” which is described as some kind of an online journal. Anyone who has access to the internet is capable of having his own blog where he can freely open up his insights on anything he feels like commenting on. This form of mass broadcasting online is beneficial in cases there are needs for instant delivery to people who are away geographically. Another benefit of blogging, I suppose, is that it serves as  a venue for shy people to get a bearing and breakaway from being prisoners of their own selves. Throughout the years, in the advances of our technology, there is this new public that has always been consistent in reaching out others- the bloggers’ community.

As a community, this group of people becomes stronger in times of calamity and unwanted crisis. One good example would be during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe that hit the United States last 2005. Life form, buildings, neighborhoods, and even faith on humanity were all crashed during the hurricanes’ outbreak. It took some time for the survivors to recover from the incident physically and perhaps, a little longer for them to recover emotionally. Concerned individuals were able to patch up the victims’ hopes by having blog posts to connect to other more people who are also willing to help. They were able to send out information on how to give donations or extend help through work groups that went to check out affected places.

Aside from this, bloggers were also able to give out their sentiments to victims by posting heartening messages for their soon emotional recovery. Even though these were all done on the internet, it was at least able to strengthen hopes of the victims that better days will still come. These blogs have become major information sources when traditional media like newspapers, televisions and radios are not available- especially in times of disaster.

These blogs seem to have been the 21st century’s little bombs. Some may be written short yet it doesn’t lessen its value in reaching out others in times of crisis. The explosion that these little bombs give out awakens the sense of sympathy and teamwork for people to help out one another in times of uncertainty. This power brought to us by the technology of our generation should at least be put into use and should be used properly. What we have right now is communication that can reach a broader scope of audience with only just a few clicks. It’s amazing how communication has reached this easy now.

Again, welcome to the 21st century, where little bombers may be anyone from anywhere, they drop their little bombs anytime, anywhere, too.


Macias, W., Hilyard, K., Freimuth, V. (2009). Blog Functions as Risk and Crisis Communication During Hurricane Katrina. Retrieved  June 28, 2013, from DOI: 10.1111/j.1083-6101.2009.01490.x

20 thoughts on “Little Bombs

  1. It is nice to read a blog about blogs once in a while. It is truly undeniable that blogging has become the regular person’s avenue through which he or she chooses to write, read, share, react, and become his or her own journalist. I could not agree with you more. I especially love how you used “bombs” as a metaphor for blogs, since some explode and shower good and sensible news and opinion, while others are simple, destructive, and sometimes even libelous bombs.

  2. Blogs are probably the most flexible way to do anything in the internet. It is used as a means of expression of one’s own interests, opinion, and even concerns. I think this article ‘Little Bombs’ defines blogs whole-heartedly in a way that it was able to not just define what a blog is but also in a deeper sense, show its effects towards the viewers’ lives. Congratulations! well-written.

  3. I agree with the whole of the author’s sentiments regarding this 21st century phenomenon. It’s especially interesting to point out how she perceives the role of blogging in what we now call the “e-bayanihan.” Little bombs also work on social networks 😀

  4. a well written informative blog about blogs. *clap clap* 😀
    I like how you define what blogs are and then gave situations where a reader can apply to but I would like to read about the cons too though, not just the pros.

  5. New information here (for me) since I don’t usually use or read on blogs. I didn’t know that blogs are also used in that way (like what you said during Hurricane Katrina catastrophe). Anyway, this sentence, “These blogs have become major information sources when traditional media like newspapers, televisions and radios are not available- especially in times of disaster, made me wonder about the availability of internet during disasters. What I mean is there are no tv and radios but you can still use internet? I hope you get what I want to imply.. well, it’s just a thought. 🙂 Anyway, you got a witty title for your article. i like it!

  6. Truly, technology has dominated the society now a days and one of this is the INTERNET BLOG. It has brought massive effect in the field of Communication, Mass Media and Information Dissemination. Well, this Little Bomb article says it all. But let us remember that we also have to know our limitations and don’t abuse this “BLESSING” [the internet blog i mean] that has been created for us. To whoever made this Article .. BRAVO! What a masterpiece! Keep it up! 🙂

  7. This is a very insightful article.
    Blogs have really taken the internet by storm. It is true that blogs are very useful, especially in providing information. We cannot deny the fact that most people today love (and prefer) to surf the internet than reading newspapers, magazines, etc. For some, blogs serve as their daily diaries and use them to make political statements and social commentaries. The thing about blogs is that you can share whatever you want to share to people all over the world.
    This article clearly defines what a blog is. Good write-up!

  8. let us be “bombs” that explode every information to everyone most especially the wrong things that we see. Only that, we must consider the word ” responsibility”. We must be aware of the things we are talking about and how it would affect others. let us be ready for the consequences of the every action that we make.

  9. I really think that we could be compared to “little bombs” as the title of this posts says. Indeed, we could drop those little bombs anytime, anywhere and it’ll explode. Maybe in that “explosion” we will be able to affect a great number of people, in a good way. I really hope that we would continue dropping “little bombs” for the purpose of helping and reaching out to others rather than dropping bombs for the purpose of destroying others. 🙂

  10. “I wanna be one of the little bombers.” – My thoughts after reading this.:) Blogs are bombs but we should make sure it’ll have a very powerful explosion. If we really want to change the world, let’s invest in people’s lives.

  11. In the end, it all goes down to how we drop “little bombs”, right? If we look at it in another light, bombs aren’t the meanies always. it’s the people behind them. Let’s go dropping bombs, Naj. 🙂 At the right time using the right way for a right cause.

  12. Comparing blogging to “little bombs” is new and siting points right there makes it more interesting naj. It is true, the effect of social media to us now is very powerful. Let us just hope for responsible blogging from users.

  13. Love it, Inaj! Kasanag on the go tayo dito ah… I agree with you wrote above. 🙂 Bombs!!! What a metaphor we have here. 🙂

  14. Very well-written. 🙂

    Most people now only see “ootd” or fashion and photography blogs. (I am not against those kinds of blogs) I’m just really glad that this blog clarified what a blog really is, and what a blog can actually do. Too bad, not all people have access to blogs like this. I guess blogs are indeed like little bombs, not all people are affected when they explode.

  15. Blogs aren’t only made for self-purpose. It actually could be of great help for every people all around the globe for it gives information people deserves to know. It is a great vehicle in carrying accurate information to help people survive in times of distress.

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